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Vienna hotel group and industry association of guangdong province to deepen resources integration and win-win hand in hand

Date: 2018-05-06

On April 27, President of guangdong federation of industry association (the first session of the ninth dasheng conference held in Vienna international hotel shenzhen north station shop, the guests of nearly 300 people.

About industry association of guangdong province

Industry association of guangdong province provincial federation of industry, belongs to the provincial party committee and provincial government, its cohesion more than 3300 member companies, more than 450 business association, 18 professional and district committees, extending more than 150000 members, is the largest and most complete resource in guangdong, the widest and the widest influence in the field of federation.

Vienna hotel group as the guangdong federation of industry association, vice President of units, strategic partners, the two sides in line with the "long-term cooperation, create value, mutual benefit and win-win" spirit of cooperation, relying on the resources industry association in Vienna project development and big customer consensus on development and other business areas, has launched a preliminary cooperation.

This conference, 80 Vienna intention contract enterprise big customers, confirmed signing big customer 37 enterprises, cooperative enterprises and institutions including double happiness group, guangzhou hao, energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., LTD, guangdong vocational training institute, huacheng XiangJi entrepreneurs chamber of commerce in guangdong province, anhui province chamber of commerce in guangzhou, shenzhen association for the advancement of economy, country garden group, etc.In addition, nearly 10 companies customer project investment intention in Vienna.

Vienna hotel group chief executive of the rotating often Mr Usher said at the meeting, Vienna hotel group keep first brand hotel in China for many years, insist on creating customer value as the center, dedicated to provide customers with good enough hotel products and services.Future, Vienna and federation in business travel accommodation, meeting demand, sleeping technology products, health food products, hotel products, investment join in many fields such as supply chain to deepen cooperation and promote common development.

Vienna hotel group project development to large customer development department President Mr Wong wai sing michelle also from development course, business model, service system, management concept, etc., to show the guests the comprehensive vivid "Vienna" brand image.Vienna provides customers with the best consumer experience and the fastest return on investment, with the help of the federation of the influence of the depth, believe can greatly broaden the space for development.

After the meeting, the industry association of guangdong province led the delegation toured the Vienna hotel group headquarters, and praised by Vienna's achievements and honor.