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Shenzhen hotel industry association annual meeting and emotion 'lingnan ancient, PengCheng' a spring reception activities held ceremoniously

Date: 2018-03-31

On March 27, 2018 afternoon, the shenzhen hotel industry association annual meeting and a spring reception "lingnan ancient · PengCheng situation" in the sea before oct JW marriott hotel is held ceremoniously.Shenzhen bureau of civil affairs administration of social organizations, shenzhen civilization office style tourism, futian, shenzhen social organizations always, Hong Kong hotel industry association, the guangdong province hotel industry association, shenzhen tourism association, shenzhen leaders and guests of the hotel industry chamber of commerce and the shenzhen hotel industry executives nearly 200 guests attended the event.
Reporting to the general assembly meeting, shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce 2017 annual work summary.Chamber of commerce in 2017 in government projects, strengthening the construction of the chamber of commerce, close to the market and the enterprise needs, develop communication industry and industry training etc to do a lot of work, to implement the "industry spokesperson" responsibility, enhance the professional image of the chamber of commerce.

In the chamber of commerce in 2018 development plan is put forward: to use national area along the way as well as a large bay area development strategy of guangdong favorable policy, well versed in industry chain, promote the development of the industrial convergence, continue to expand coverage, activate the chamber of commerce members of open source channel, enhance chamber of commerce.Meeting, shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce, international hotel leader institutions and Shanghai jinjiang international conference and exhibition Shanghai jinjiang international exhibition (guangzhou station) all the way around the hotel investment and international BBS "brand development reached a strategic cooperation signing ceremony held and the scene.

Hong Kong and Macao to shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce in the annual meeting of the hotel industry leading innovation development peak BBS "link also specially invited blockbuster guests of the hotel industry focus in the hotel industry, direction, etc to do speech and BBS round table.

Shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce says Mr Gold-sun "culture" will become the soul of the hotel industry and the pillar, the chamber of commerce in the future to increase the hotel industry and cultural industries combined mining strength, promote more hotels add more cultural connotation, so as to boost development of shenzhen cultural tourism industry as a whole.
Shenzhen tourism association chairman liu ping encouraged Mr Spring chamber of commerce "solid work, strengthen the construction, fine professional, innovation", and expect to shoulder more government chamber of commerce, industry and the expectations of members, do a good job in the government's powerful assistant, reliable member of family.
Shenzhen style tourism tourism supervision and management office director of dao-xin zhang praised the chamber of commerce as well as the achievements of hotel industry in the past year, hope that the chamber of commerce and the hotel in the New Year, seize the opportunity to take on, continuously make new achievements!

The meeting also introduce new mode of live, live to the whole tourism industry.

Finally, a spring reception activities "lingnan ancient · PengCheng situation" in having a unique style of lingnan customs, new 3 d holographic projection, guzheng and exquisite qipao, international DJ bartender performances, activities for guests to provide the good mutual exchanges and learning environment.In the New Year, shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce will continue to work hard, strive to do a industry structure and vitality of the hotel industry chamber of commerce in the market, to promote the development of shenzhen hotel industry service quality.