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Shenzhen: 'green engine' booster ecological civilization

Date: 2018-02-23

If is the domestic special economic zones in shenzhen, dapeng is the ecological zone of shenzhen special economic zone...Explore the area with ecological civilization production amounted to 33 billion yuan last year.

According to the relevant person in charge of dapeng new district, because want to protect forests and oceans, which means that dapeng district kwai chung, dapeng, residents of south Australia three streets, basically can't be cut down a tree, growing vegetables, sea aquaculture, boiled water, such as restaurants, destroy the ecological environment.To protect the ecological environment, since 2007, there are three streets, a total of 16000 residents in dapeng new district, the per capita ecological subsidies will receive 1000 yuan each month, this is shenzhen walk in the forefront of the country's another mechanism.

Ecological tourism became a beautiful beautiful scenery green development in shenzhen.Dapeng district, for example, with long beautiful coastline, dapeng peninsula "shanhai dependency, fire, water, and communion" peculiar geographical landscape and other natural resources, dapeng new area to carry out the strategy of the whole domain 5 a, annual tourists has exceeded tens of millions of people, in tourism revenues exceed 5 billion yuan.

In terms of construction of ecological civilization, dapeng new measures simultaneously, spare no efforts.

To dapeng district north of the village head landfill reform as an example, the landfill project director, as a head measure high introduction, this covers an area of about 22000 square meters of the landfill, starting in 1992, has been taking dapeng jurisdiction landfill task.In later period, the mountains are at risk of dam failure, landfill biogas generated from the garbage also has the explosion hazard, the whole mountain garbage is stink, causing the collective complaints surrounding residents.

Against such a situation, starting from 2016, dapeng new start project on water head sites, after a series of mountain slope engineerings, old garbage dam removal, garbage cone slope engineering, sealing cover system engineering, the final completion inspection and acceptance in October last year completed."We plan to draw lessons from foreign examples of landfill site were transformed into ecological park, harmless to do," said dapeng district relevant controller introduces, local environmental water sector through the prophase research, 15 months, on the one hand, in the pile anti-seepage film on the shop, on the other hand, the construction of drainage pipe.Now head of the dump is can't smell smell, also removes the risk of dam failure.Dapeng, head of the new city related department, once again, though, is impossible to the garbage mountain development and construction, but the park is built into practice, also is the international general method, the future hope here can be shenzhen residents a good place for sightseeing at the sea.

In Long Qi bay JiaoChang tail home town, strewn at random have send, each has its own characteristics of perfect fusion of home stay facility with beautiful sea view."With the rise of seaside tourism, JiaoChang tail b&b industry developing rapidly, 2016 tourists about 900000 person-time, tourist income reached 500 million yuan."Ring Long Qi bay scenic area construction management office director Hu Yong said.

"Dapeng new node row m. - seven niang mountain ecological restoration project" is the city the first completely in the sense of biological corridor, the project is located in the row of cohesion, m. and seven niang mountain near NaAo Town, shenzhen city ecological security is one of the important ecological corridor system within 20 nodes.The project is located in the mountains of northern dapeng peninsula, south Australia, ping west highway crossing, nodes in the boundary of the east, south, north three directions are located in the basic ecological line, node is the narrowest place 870 meters wide, covers an area of 132.92 hectares, the construction area of 100 hectares, project investment of 83.42 million yuan, the main construction contents include earthwork, Bridges, vegetation restoration and supporting facilities and other projects.Will be after the completion of the project is to ensure that important biological channels of dapeng peninsula north and south connected, can promote the communication of species, regional ecological security, is a new area to carry out the concept of "protection first" development important action.

With all its strength for the construction of ecological civilization, dapeng peninsula to become more and more beautiful, now shenzhen dapeng district air was 97.5%, the local air quality for three consecutive years ranked first in the province.