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Shenzhen Muslim Hotel - Railway Station is located at Wenjin South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, next to Wenjin Metro Station Exit D, Metro Line 2 Hubei Exit A, and Metro Line 5 Huangbeiling B Exit runs from east to west of Shenzhen, and is close to Shenzhen South Avenue East, convenient transportation. The hotel is located in the center of Dongmen Commercial Street. It is surrounded by shopping, food streets, entertainment, leisure and hospitals.
Hotel rooms are equipped with facilities and services such as high-quality bedding, luxury bathing equipment, fiber optic internet access, wireless WIFI coverage, rich TV programs, and domestic long-distance local calls.
The hotel also has a conference hall for 200 people, providing professional conference solutions. The Muslim Hotel has always been committed to creating urban, business, and elegant products, giving you elegant and personalized accommodation taste, and is an ideal choice for your business, conference, and travel.
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  • e00289740
    Hotel well placed, convenient. triple room basic but clean rest assured, eight-floor prayer hall, is a Muslim restaurant on the second floor, Gansu province, the food is taste, especially hands, miles, eat home taste! is the first Muslim travel, strongly recommended!
  • lijiani0723
    In General can also, just a bit of the old wash basin are not the plug! Old TV no channels
  • ngipwa
    Good for a muslim traveler as there is halal food right at the ground floor and a mosque on the 8th floor.
  • adgj56
    Close to downtown and Metro station, good food and very convenient traffic, good!
  • cdj110509
    WiFi signal strength is poor room, lobby, average hotel, is the picture tube of the TV?
  • air6631247
    Are good
  • e00373014
    Old money is facilities
  • gladys
    Hotel's health is OK, because the facilities are too old, nor how well health, but you have to view the health, or so-so. facilities are old and relatively small single bed, opened the door and gave the first impression is very low (not a classy hotel that look comfortable). Services do not comment, this hotel for a Muslim, the environment, should feel comfortable loft week stores, one restaurant on the second floor, are making Muslims feel the convenienceAnd comfortable; just a floor lobby door left rent to ticket of regional, staff in there swallow cloud rain and fog, to people of feel: this hotel not like is located in Shenzhen, pour like is in remote of, didn't people tube of rural, control smoke aspects seems here and national of control smoke method has nothing to do, seems not by national control smoke method of constraints, seems into has a no management Yu of country, really let people no language.
  • SUC_LV
    Poor service attitude, the traffic is very convenient
  • aryel
    Environment is also convenient, easy to eat, services in General!
  • Auspicious
    Bathrooms bad
  • e00230827
    Hotel location is good and convenient, cost-effective, recommended.
  • yajin88
    Good location, easy on business.
  • fangjg0105
    Muslim cuisine is key. environmental matter
  • jimy0708
    Staying for the first time, not bad
  • jingle210
    Room was very large, moderate price, the price moved to the House's value, location is also very good, really very convenient
  • lostguy
    Not recommended
  • delia18
    Hotel location is good, few minutes walk from subway station. those fond of Indian foods can consider, as they have big restaurant on 2nd floor offering variety of dishes. Facilities and room service not very good, and hotel building is not new either. Overall can rate it as an average deal in this price.
  • e00345973
    Hotels almost more than 1000 meters from the subway, but not too near not far. it is also easy to find, the hotel is the old facilities inside the room is a bit old but clean. it's slightly cheaper.
  • d00588922
    A very good environment, fellow Muslims, particularly convenient!
  • evolief
    Decades before the old hotels, the equipment are quite old
  • e00682084
    Facilities are old and excessive air conditioning noise, leaking toilet!
  • gerryyang00
    Hotel great location, restaurant on the second floor, the eight floor of the prayer hall, the first admission, father asks for a few days, only one reason; traveling Muslims feel comfortable.
  • eleanor
    Old rooms, service, accessibility, price, from the Man Kam to crossing points close!
  • bbrong
    Is the noise almost, everything else is good
  • ALAN C.C
    Very good, cost-effective
  • sjbw2005
    Are mainly children examinations from the examination room close, and relatively consistent with price, book the hotel. the room is a bit old, but the device is complete, around looking for food is also helpful.
  • e00024416
    Inn, can barely live
  • congdabo
    Reserved for guests, only stayed one night, he felt very old and location was good
  • finitewu
    You alright.
  • bobo578
    Hotel is not large, drive, not too hard to find. the room can also, front desk service is also very good.
  • liulan1133
    So so
  • cat0286
    Nothing to say, as long as there is a place to live or try not to go here! Supposed to study price of 188 Yuan, not cheap, but is 80 Guest House bright. waiter was very blunt, don't mean you live as a whole, not to say, to avoid ethnic conflicts.
  • Tony Li
    Equipment is too old
  • lucymeng
    Convenient, affordable
  • emily1984
    Hotel is located next to the Metro, traffic is convenient, General conditions, is guest house